Psitopoulos Eleftherios - front end developer

I guess you've figured it out already but my name is Eleftherios Psitopoulos. I am a frontend developer, living in Drama, a beautiful town in Greece.

Programming fascinated me since I was around eleven years old but at the age of fourteen, web development caught my attention and I started learning everything I could get my hands on about the topic.

My professional career in web development started at 2014 when I contacted a web agency and started working for them as a freelancer.

I had the opportunity to work with many different clients, with unique needs and goals which enabled me to learn, improve myself and grow while providing them solutions to their problems.

You will currently find me in Drama, working at Thanpa as a front end developer, implementing solutions for our clients, working alongside an awesome team.

What i like

There are many things I like investing my free time on. The first thing that comes to mind is music. You can't call me a professional musician but I love playing the guitar. I'm also learning how to play the baglama and ukulele.

Another thing I enjoy doing is caring for my little canary that sings his soul out all day long.

What I enjoy most of all is the long walks me and my wife go on. We like to think of us as little explorers, having fun along the way.

When the night time comes, there is nothing better than reading a nice book. Besides reading about software development, I like reading self development books and fiction. My favourites on the aforementioned topics are: Computer science distilled by Wladston Ferreira Filho, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and finally The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney.

Currently reading:Educated by Tara Westover