I consider myself lucky to have contributed in various projects and worked with many clients. Below you can find some of the recent ones

Inner Shine: Your mindfulness journal

Publication - personal project

Inner shine is a twenty week gratitude journal. It features weekly challenges, inspirational quotes and more.

Internal projects for Belvilla - OYO vacation homes

Front end developer @Code Seed

As a front end developer at Code Seed, I have the opportunity to work in various internal projects for one of the leisure industry leaders, Belvilla - OYO vacation homes.


Personal project

Kikiriki is an online alarm clock I built as a side project. Users can set multiple alarms and choose from different sounds


Frontend developer @Code Seed

Anaplirotes is a mobile application (Android, iOs) that shows associate professors their placements.


Frontend developer @Code Seed

Polarapp is a mobile application with which customers can upload their photos, make an order and receive them at their doorstep, printed.


Frontend developer @Code Seed

SkillSeeker was a service that connected customers with professionals in the Netherlands


Outsourced developer @WebOne

Monopanes is an online shop with a wide variety of baby products.


Outsourced developer @WebOne

Mouratoglou is an electronics ecommerce store.


Outsourced developer @WebOne

Sesoyla is an e-shop where people buy natural and healthy food.


Outsourced developer @WebOne

Silver-Handmade is an ecommerce store with a big variety of handmade jewelry and charms.

Blue bay hotel

Outsourced developer @WebOne

Blue bay is a hotel located in Chalkidiki, Greece.


Outsourced developer @WebOne

Limmat-Finanz is a finance and business assistants company.